Life is Like a Grocery List...Sometimes you forget to add things that you should, or discover later, you absolutely need...Sometimes you scratch things off that you decide or realize you don't really need...And sometimes you put something on there forgetting that it gave you a hard core case of the shits last time you had it, and you have to learn the hard way that it does NOT belong on the list.

This statement holds true to ANY aspect of ANYone's life, it's all in the individual perspective of course:)... First and foremost, this blog is an outlet for me...It's my blog bitches, I say what I want! Second, I may sometimes offer advice that someone may find useful(possibly regarding parenthood, relationships, telling some douche to kiss your ass)...A rant that one can relate to and be reminded that they're not alone...Occasionally provide a little humor, bringing a much needed smile or laugh...Give a shout out to a cool product(No,I'm not being paid to do so)...Rant about some amazing movie or song, or on the contrary, a really shitty one...Praising or bitching about life in general pretty much sums it up. Third, WELCOME...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

'F**K THIS'...;)

When life hands you a bunch of "F**K THIS" action...'Wrap it up' and find a 'position' that's enjoyable;p ~Catlin~

Monday, August 8, 2011

Some People Are Like Hot Dogs...

Some people are like Hot Dogs...They taste damn good and can be safe in moderation...But inside they're a$$holes and a bunch of other crap that's not beneficial for your well being;)~Catlin~

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Who I Am

I'm not perfect, made many mistakes, sure I'll make more..At least I can admit to and accept choices that I've made..When I apologize, I actually mean it..When I forgive, I do my best to forget and move forward..I'm kind to those who deserve it, a straight up bitch to those entitled..I love with all of my heart..And when necessary fight with all I've got...I'm stronger because of my weaknesses..If you don't like who I am, kindly eff off